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Derby Innovator: The Making of Animal Kingdom and author Barry Irwin have been featured and interviewed in several media and websites!


Sporting Post interview:

Barry could safely be categorised as one of racing’s rounder pegs (and I mean that figuratively). He has been described as unconventional, outspoken, anti-establishment and several other things that probably aren’t fit for print. Having been lucky enough to chat to Barry many times over the years I found that while some of the labels have been fairly earned, there are a few that have been left out. I have always found him to be intelligent and interesting and continuously surprised by how generous he always is with his time and expertise. South Africans, and with a few exceptions, certainly the South African racing fraternity, tend to down play our talents and achievements rather than celebrate them the way they perhaps should be. Barry on the other hand, possesses a particular brand of honesty that may at first glance appear brash or boastful, but once one adjusts your dial to ‘Irwin, it’s usually 100% factual and backed up by (other people’s) stats and opinions. He says what he means and means what he says. It makes for interesting and occasionally surprising conversation.

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Feature on The Blood Horse, the oldest trade magazine in Thoroughbred racing and breeding:

Owner/breeder and former Turf writer Barry Irwin aims to inspire and entertain with a new book named “Derby Innovator: The Making of Animal Kingdom,” which was released in late March.

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Thoroughbred Daily News feature:

Whether it’s turf journalism, racehorse syndication, crusades against drug abuse and cheating, or the breeding of a GI Kentucky Derby champion, Barry Irwin has no problem going against the grain of the establishment to achieve his goals. So now that he’s decided to write a memoir based on his sometimes-abrasive involvement in the Thoroughbred industry, it comes as no surprise that Irwin has chosen an unconventional path to publishing his book.

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Press Release on America’s Best Racing:

Barry Irwin is the founder and chief executive officer of Team Valor International, perhaps best known as the owner of 2011 Kentucky Derby winner and champion Animal Kingdom. Irwin put together his first partnership in 1987 with his good friend Jeff Siegel and is viewed as one of the pioneers of racing partnerships.

Irwin, who has been vocal in his support of eliminating race-day medication, wrote a memoir detailing, among other things, his career in horse racing. The memoir, “Derby Innovator: The Making of Animal Kingdom” is set for release on April 7 in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats by Xlibris.

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Book Review of Derby Innovator on Horse Racing Business:

Using Grade I wins and victories in the Classics as the measure of attainment, Team Valor International is the most successful U. S. enterprise ever in the business of horse-racing partnerships. Its record of achievement includes such stellar races as the Arlington Million, the Dubai World Cup, the Kentucky Derby, and the Santa Anita Derby. The entrepreneur behind it is Barry Irwin, who has written a book titled Derby Innovator that takes the reader inside the ups and downs of Irwin and his horses.

Irwin grew up in Beverlywood, California, on the west side of Los Angeles, in a non-horse family. Irwin says he “had been interested in horse racing from the time I could walk.” His parents, who “shunned” the sport, would surely have been chagrined had they known that their 14-year old son was selling racing tip sheets on a street corner in 1957.

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